Saturday, January 31, 2009

9 to 18. *I miss counted*

Photo Credit - me.
Of - my cat in my dresser.

Its acutally nine to 18 because its a week from Monday...I'm math dyslexic (self diagnosed) so its okay. Ummm we went to the American Girl Place, FAO Shwartz, The Apply Store, Madam Tussode's (I spelt that wrong) and China Town today.

I LOVE the American Girl Place. I really do. Its fabulous. I bought Cass her b'day present. (A little doll guitar and a super cute outfit.) And I picked up my birthday present from my parents, a ipod touch.

I also love how I'm sitting by a pool, in a bathing suit, in January. Yes, it's indoors, but I love it. I'm on my laptop and they're swimming. I don't really feel like swimming much. I'll probably put this away and go in, in a bit, but for now, I'm relaxing. My legs are sore from all this walking. They're tired too. One of the girls, Megan, actually asked if we could come back and take a nap. I laughed. And Alexia never saw snow until today...which depressed me. And she hates the cold. I had to buy her a coat because she brought this thin little windbreaker with her. And them all gloves and hats, because they don't sell them in California apparently. I actually yelled at them about not bringing gloves...I mean, who doesn't come to the northeast without them in the winter???

Anway, enough now. I'm going in the pool.


  1. JEALOUS!! I want a pool too you lucky duck

  2. Haha I love the pic of your cat.

    About math dyslexia I discovered there is such a thing...dyscalculia.

    I'm supposed to get testing for it if I ever have time.