Friday, January 30, 2009

Shrek, the Musical that was honestly one of the most interesting things I've ever seen. It was really, honestly great.

But the whole time I sat there thinking "What the freak is wrong with the world that they would take an awesome ANIMATED movie and turn it into a play? And how the eff did they come up with music for it?"

I mean, The Lion King musical is fabulous. But that was already a musical in the movie. Its one of my favorite plays and one of the best out here.

It was great though. Go see it...but actually, there's better plays out there. Well...Hairspray there's not much. But yeah, it was fabulous. The girls loved it. I'll stop ranting over the ogre now.

So today, after I picked the girls up and made sure my mom got her car rented and played with Guytano (Tannie, who has gotten so big since I saw him earlier this month. He's almost a year now, and he'll always be spoiled. And he's already this gorgeous boy. He'll have girls chasing after him as soon as he can walk...oh wait, he already does).

Anyway, enough about the baby. We dropped their stuff at the hotel. Me and three ten year olds. They changed, and they insisted on getting lunch. So we did, and then we went to the M&M Store (its such a tourist trap, but its chocolate and its amazing.) And we paid for $10 bags of pink, lilac, navy and yellow candies.

Then we wandered for awhile, and then changed again. I gave them manicures and did their hair and make up. It was fun...until they did mine. After that, we walked north a few blocks and saw Shrek. We're waiting on a 30 dollar room service people right now, and they're watching HSM. They wanted to do more stuff after the play, but I refused. I'm so tired.

Anyway...that's it for tonight. Sweet Dreams everyone.

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