Tuesday, January 27, 2009

12 to 18. *Taygue*

K. That didn't make sense, but Taylor Swift is on the next cover of TeenVogue. Here's the pic. I like it. Her hair looks different. Blue is a good color for her. And I really, really, really am excited. I want the interview.

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Anyway....Nothing new. I read the first two acts of The Tempest. And my lower body is dead. IcyHot patches are a good thing...great thing actually.


  1. She looks so much better without all the hair in her face.

  2. "Hello." is more of a statement.. "Hello?" Is like a question.. its just the way the words sound I guess.

    Ummm you're aim sound is an ostrich or something. It sounds like a safari animal.

    And I love how they did Taylor's hair on the cover.