Friday, January 23, 2009

The semi-answer to my problem.... this fall, when I was talking to my counselor and was feeling much better and handled this all so much better, she mentioned the 5 stages of grief. I never really considered them fully until now. So. Let's review.

1-Denial. this happened before her death. I denied that she was only given a certain amount of time.

2-Anger. happened about an hour after the non-stop crying stopped. It involved screaming at random people and getting angry over everything about her.

3-Bargaining. Also happened before. Bargaining with the Powers that be, aka. God. about why this has happened to her and all other children, esp little children in general.

4-Depression. That definatly happened. You, reader, know that.

5. Acceptance. Part of me has, part of me hasn't. Someday (soon) it will happen. It needs too. Its only a matter of time. I know that the logical part of me haas accpeted it, but the irrational, stubborn side hasn't.

So that's the thought for the night. Opinions are welcome this time.


  1. interesting thought..

    i wonder what stage im at..

  2. I've gone through these stages a lot, and I don't know. My portfolio for high school is based on this, and I think there are more than five stages. The sixth stage, for me, was lying. About everything, especially how I was feeling.
    But I know how your feeling. If not exactly, then pretty damn close.