Friday, July 31, 2009

song i wrote with katie


Just might go ahead
Let the sand run out
I'm gonna scream and shout
Just might forget about you
Loose my head
But instead
I'm gonna hold on to myself
And let you go now
I just might forget about you

Take some time to look back
On the days we said
Things we can't take back
But now oh now
I just want to hold on
But I...

Just might go ahead
Let the sand run out
I'm gonna scream and shout
Just might forget about you
Loose my head
But instead
I'm gonna hold on to myself
Let you go now
I just might forget about you

Just might go ahead
Let the sand run out
I'm gonna scream and shout
Just might forget about you
I'm gonna try not to loose my head
And prevent this breakdownI
Scream and shout
To let you go now
I can forget about you
Forget about you now.
Oh I just might forget about you
I just might.....

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Why do boys do bad things?
Why do boys hurt beautiful girls who've been through enough?
Better yet, why do boys who seem like good boys cheat on good girls?

This is what I've been asking myself since yesterday. So let me tell you a story.

Once there was a beautiful girl with smooth chocolate-y skin and a beautiful smile. She was confident and true to her words. She loved her friends and would be their for their tears and force laughter and smiles when they really needed it. Then, when she was 13, her parents got divorced, she moved away from the city she grew up in and her dad moved too, meaning....she never got to see her friends who got reallly selfish about that (and still are) and then her mom began verbally abusing her and her little sister. But they stayed strong. This girl helped raise her little sister because her mother basically couldn't. Then, at age 17, she helped a girl who couldn't always find a smile get through the worst and told her she was beautiful when she was bald and rubbed her back when she puked from the chemo. She did what others couldn't do. Then this friend passed, and we had to deal and we did, she did better than me but we got through it and came out stronger with a purpose to live. Then, this past December, this abuse got even worse with her mothe, so she made the decision in the middle of her senior year to take her sister and move to Boston...a hundred or so miles away from her mother becuase it became too much and she needed to. Then, when she was there, she was happier than ever. Her sister made good friends, she made good friends. And then, when she turned 18 in April, she met this great guy...a junior at her school. They went to prom together, and then, her best friend AKA ME, met him and approved. He was the nicest guy, sweet, adorable. They shared three weeks in Germany with thier schools exchange this July and June and then, a week after they get home...

BAM. She sees him cheating on her. Like that, everything good about this boy becomes bad. And it just makes me so mad that, someone who knew all of that, would go and do that to her. It's not right. It makes me so mad.

So today she came up and we went for a long walk on the beach and hung out and baked and blasted revenge songs (the best ones "kerosene" and "picture to burn") and we danced and screamed the lyrics. Just had some good girl time.

She's just so heartbroken and I wish I could do more to help her. Make it all feel better. But I can't. I don't think nothing can.

Oh yeah....we wrote a really really great guy-trashing breakup song. Well, a few songs...but one good one. Haha.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


So I chose the best of my premiere pictures. I didn't try to take pictures in thier faces as that's kinda rude. So here's pictures from like a week ago. :D

Friday, July 10, 2009

picture from Leaky. my pics will be coming as soon as possible. right now my camera isn't acessible and I want a chance to pic the best ones. :D

I woke up at 3 am this morning. I love Emma's dress. Everyone looked so great. Yesterday was amazing. So great. I can't believe it acutally happened. Harry Potter was the first book I read in English entirely by myself in second grade. English. I've grown up with it and it's like a friend to me. I've watched these actors grow up and these books have been there when I didn't have anyone.

OH LANCE! I forgot about him. I left with my sister around 4 to get dressed for the movie after since we were in sweats and stuff. And I came back with a little wristlet clutch and Lance Bass came by and I didn't want him to sign the poster I had, so he signed my clutch. My inner twelve year old was freaking out and crying uncontrollably at the fact that his hand was touching me. I held it together though. I did tell him that I missed Nsync. :D

Umm redcarpet was amazing. I got pictures of everyone. Everyone was beautiful. And autographs from as many as possible. And I took a picture with Emma Watson which cut off like half my head but whatever. I told her I loved the Burberry Campaign and the TeenVogue cover (which if you haven';t seen it, it's stunning along with the spread. Actually her first cover on TV was the first one of those I ever got and it will also be my last becuase I haaven't renewed my subscription.) and that's she's beautiful and each movie she's becoming a more talented and graceful actress.

Now for the part that you really want to know. The Movie. It was AMAZING! Best one yet. The opening scene is amazing. And it's a bit slow for a while but the end...OH MY GOSH. The inferi are perfect. And everything is great. I don't like that they added in the Burrow getting attacked but whatever. I cna't change it. QUIDDITCH IS PERFECT AND AWESOME. and I really really really missed it. Oh...and the kiss between Harry and Ginny could have been so much better. :( I don't know how much more I can say without getting taken away by the dementors (WB) for saying to much. But I will be seeing it again next Wednesday. Everyone must see this. It is so great.

I really really really am so blessed and I am so happy. Last night was better than seeing Taylor in May. :D And that's something that I thouhgt I would never ever say.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Music! I've come to the realization that I will probably never be able to sing as good as I used to. And that makes me sad. Whatever. Next video I do is gonna be me just singing a medly of my favorite Broadway stuff. :D Ehhh, these today I realized my voice still sucks but it sounds okay.

Anyhoodles, I'm just gonna paste in a link to my youtube channel since I did like 4 videos. Three Taylor Swift (just because they are easy) Cold As You, Tim McGraw, and Our Song. & One All Time Low which is Weightless.

Remember the rule: If you watch this, you must comment. Here, there, or send me a message on twitter. Just so I know.

Friday there will be a huge post involving tomorrow night's events. :D

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It was a really great day

Well...we started off at about 11 am at the Albany Med Center in the children's ward. We gave out probably 2 or 3 hundred cranes there...not only to the sick kids but to thier families and their siblings. We told them the story behind the cranes too.

Then we went south to Kingston and then to Northern Dutchess where I'll be living next year and then to the Westchester Children's Hospital. And then to two hopsitals in NYC...including the one where Kelli recieved all her treatments and...stuff.

And it was a great day. It wasn't sad. It was kind of bittersweet. But it really saddens me that I met one thousand sick kids today and the families of sick kids. That's a huge number. And that's really sad to me.

Anyway...I'm really gonna go sleep now because I need to.