Friday, July 10, 2009

picture from Leaky. my pics will be coming as soon as possible. right now my camera isn't acessible and I want a chance to pic the best ones. :D

I woke up at 3 am this morning. I love Emma's dress. Everyone looked so great. Yesterday was amazing. So great. I can't believe it acutally happened. Harry Potter was the first book I read in English entirely by myself in second grade. English. I've grown up with it and it's like a friend to me. I've watched these actors grow up and these books have been there when I didn't have anyone.

OH LANCE! I forgot about him. I left with my sister around 4 to get dressed for the movie after since we were in sweats and stuff. And I came back with a little wristlet clutch and Lance Bass came by and I didn't want him to sign the poster I had, so he signed my clutch. My inner twelve year old was freaking out and crying uncontrollably at the fact that his hand was touching me. I held it together though. I did tell him that I missed Nsync. :D

Umm redcarpet was amazing. I got pictures of everyone. Everyone was beautiful. And autographs from as many as possible. And I took a picture with Emma Watson which cut off like half my head but whatever. I told her I loved the Burberry Campaign and the TeenVogue cover (which if you haven';t seen it, it's stunning along with the spread. Actually her first cover on TV was the first one of those I ever got and it will also be my last becuase I haaven't renewed my subscription.) and that's she's beautiful and each movie she's becoming a more talented and graceful actress.

Now for the part that you really want to know. The Movie. It was AMAZING! Best one yet. The opening scene is amazing. And it's a bit slow for a while but the end...OH MY GOSH. The inferi are perfect. And everything is great. I don't like that they added in the Burrow getting attacked but whatever. I cna't change it. QUIDDITCH IS PERFECT AND AWESOME. and I really really really missed it. Oh...and the kiss between Harry and Ginny could have been so much better. :( I don't know how much more I can say without getting taken away by the dementors (WB) for saying to much. But I will be seeing it again next Wednesday. Everyone must see this. It is so great.

I really really really am so blessed and I am so happy. Last night was better than seeing Taylor in May. :D And that's something that I thouhgt I would never ever say.

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