Friday, January 16, 2009

23 to 18. The people I call my friends.

As of 3:30pm, this is my away message and the converstation I had this afternoon with two of my friends.


K-"Are you going to the inauguration party?"
A-"No. I don't like Obama."
M-"But its historical."
A-"But its Obama."
A-"He's going to turn this country into a socialist nation!"
M-"Anna...that's already happening from Bush's fuck ups."
A-"Besides, he's going to get shot on Tuesday anyway."
A-"Yeah. Mccain would have been the best thing to happen to this country."
K-"You know this how?"
A-"Look at him...he's BLACK."
K-"You did not just say that"

*Kim and I storm off*

Won't be talking to her again...made me so mad.

On a happier note, when I ventured out it was a mere 8 degrees outside. Freaking freezing. And Ethan's up in -10 (maybe colder) below weather snowboarding...what an idiot.

Actually...that's not really happy. I envy all who live in warm weather year round.

I'm watching In the Land of Women right now and really don't like Kristen Stewart as a blond. As for the other hand..Adam Brody...I love him. I miss the days of The O.C., and Gilmore Girls.

I unpacked today. My cat won't get off of me...its so annoying. But he's warm though.

Tomorrow I start my exercise regiment. That'll be fun. I ran this morning in my building's gym and it was exhilarating. I love endorphins....

Anyhoo, I'm rambling and will stop and spare you the minutes of bordom you face reading all of that nonsense.


  1. Wow. Ignorance.

    Adam Brody is an adorable little man. I heart him. Yeah it's freezing up here too, I was like super duper cold.


  2. He was so good on Gilmore Girls. I love that show. I met them for my make-a-wish. (Not Adam Brody though, sadly.)

  3. Shit I cant believe she said that.