Sunday, January 11, 2009

28 until 18

Today I hung out with my Nonna. We went grocery shopping and made a really great dinner. And we talked about everything from my Nonno to her life to the future.

She wants to take the house and turn it into an inn. It'll work..but it'll take a lot.

Then I downloaded some movies and watched them with Paolo and Luca. We watched Benjamin Button - loved it. And something else...the new one with Emma Thompson. I also introduced them to some "American Classics" and watched American Pie, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, and The Breakfast Club.

I had to explain the whole White Castle thing and how amazing those little burgers actually are. They didn't really understand the band camp thing. I love them....they loved the BC.

I think thats it. Its almost 1 am here. So awake though. Early train to Firenze tommarow!!!

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