Friday, January 23, 2009

16 to 18. *Here's to the days when we were reckless teenagers*

Photo Credit...Kelli's brother, Ed.
Location: upstate NY
Who: from left to right, Me, Kate, Kelli, (in Ed's sweatshirt), and Ethan.
Location: Upstate NY....
When: Summer...06 or 07
Edited by Me.

Except for the fact that I envy people. Lets use the biggest example right now. The fact that I can't move one.

Let's take my friend, Kate, for example. Katiekins has accepted Kelli's death. So has Tabitha. They have moved on....strong, but remembering. So why am I still stuck in the past?

This bothers me so much. I talked to Kate about this and she said that she just knew it was coming and accepted it before it happened.

I guess what I'm saying is that I'm weak. And I need to accept this. I thought I did, but the other night, I just lost it completly. I should expect that every now and then.

*grabs tissues*

Sorry for the rambling...and please...don't make the comments a pity fest, please. I hate it when people feel sorry for me.


  1. Well Ally, you're not weak actually. You're just being normal. That's all. Who said it wasn't okay to miss someone? Moving on doesn't mean accepting then forgetting, it means remembering but pushing forward. Don't ever forget that. Crying doesn't make you weak. It makes you human.

  2. Ally you're sooooo far from weak.

    That picture is beautiful.

    I hope therapy continues you help you.. are you still doing that? If not maybe you should.

    You're not weak though Ally.