Saturday, January 17, 2009

22 to 18..."I told you so."

Photo by me.
Location: Upstate NY or somewhere in New England.

I love it when I'm right. haha. Seriously though...I just love it. If I'm like, "that's not gonna work out," or "you're going to get hurt/sick/lost" and they do it anyway and don't listen to me, but prove me right at the same time...I love it. It just makes me laugh at them...slightly, 90% of the time.

Should I exaggerate? I shall. The dumb idiot boyfriend who was snowboarding up in negative degree weather is sick. I told him this....and men being men, he was like "nah, I won't"

Hmm....well, guess who is sleeping with a fever right now in the other room. Ha.

Anyway....other than the fact that I'm right, yet again, nothing new here. Its freezing and I'm bored. I have passed time by starting a video collage of Obama from the start of the campaign to now. I'll post it on Tuesday...or Wednesday...I might add stuff from inagural night to it.

And I've started rereading Hamlet. And drooling over the pink Louboutin booties, that if I had the money, I'd buy. Here's a picture:

*sighs* does anyone have a spare 890$?

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  1. Ha, I wish. Those are some good looking shoes though :)