Wednesday, January 28, 2009

11 to 18. *A Complete Fan Freakout*

Photo Credit: SNL
Of: who else, Taylor Swift.

If you don't want to here another rant on how much I love this girl, then X out the box in the corner. If you do, however, read and understand why I am grinning excessivly right now.

This afternoon, I get a text from my friend. It basically said "Taylor Swift on Z100 at 4."

So I'm like OMG. I call there and they're like, oh you had to enter to win tickets to be here. I'm like, effin shit no. And they're like, you can watch online. So I'm like YES!

I make a username, log into the chat, and talk with all these people. She didn't come on at 4. She didn't come on until about...4:45. But it was so completely worth the wait. She said she was only going to 3 songs acoustic. She started out with "Our Song" and then someone told her she had awesome hair. Then that lead into (great) hair tips from Taylor. Note to self, don't brush hair right out of'll cause less frizz. Then she did "You're Not Sorry" was great. Then she asked if there were more questions. And someone asked about the tour. And she said "We'll announce dates in a couple weeks." and then some guy, I'm assuming her producer, hands her a note and she goes "Oh, I guess we're announcing them Friday." Then I screamed, like everyone in the room did. Then someone yelled who's the Stephen in "Hey Stephen" and she goes, "He's in a band that opens for me sometimes. We're just friends." Then someone yelled "PLAY IT!" So she's like, just the first verse. And then she played the whole thing.

I think I died right there. Just a little bit.

Then she did Love Story. And you know how she kinda isn't great live. She sounded as good or better than the CD versions. Which made me estatic. And then she signed autographs for everyone there (I hate them all) and then she came to the computer and did a chat. With us. With me. This was the icing on the cake. Someone asked when "Sparks Fly" would be on a CD and then she laughed. And...White Horse video in a few weeks....which was my question. I'm so freakin' original. Everyone was asking that.

So that's my story for the day. I'm so happy. Seriously. I don't think anyone but myself knows what her music has done for me. Its changed my life mostly because I didn't really listen to much music before I heard her's. And now music is my life.

Sorry for rambling. Yet again.

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