Monday, January 12, 2009

27 to 18...and pics from Volterra!

The sign!!!

The clock tower!

Its different than I pictured it.

View of the city from the outside on the autovia heading in.

This one was taken with my cousin Luca's phone so its kinda shitty.

One thing though - it was different than how I pictured it. There's no fountain. And not that many towers. I did take a picture of me sitting in the alleyway that I thought would be like the one they went down, and the drain thing too, but either they didn't come out or got deleted. grr...I also got there and realized I forgot my New Moon book. I just really wanted to read the end of the book while sitting in the Piazza.

It was also kinda difficult explaining my Twilight obsession to Luca and Paolo.

We went to Firenze in the morning and ended up only going to one museum. The one with David. I'll put up pictures of that tommarow. There's one of Paolo squeezing his butt, one of Luca kissing his butt and one of me standing way in front of it doing the thumb and idex finger out and making a "It's so small" face to his "manly parts." We were so disrespectful. I also got a good one of Mr. David by himself.

Ummm that's it. Going home soon. So sad.


  1. THERE'S NO FOUNTAIN? Damn it.

    The picts aren't as colorful as I expected?

  2. yeah...everything there was brown stone.

  3. That's not as much fun as I hoped.

    Anynway: What is your sit up plan composed of?

  4. get my abs back.
    actually thats the only plan.
    once upon a time i had fab abs.(i rhymed)
    and now....their gone to flab abs (rhymed again)

    but um...yeah. that's it. just basically sit ups until i'm firm.