Tuesday, January 13, 2009

26 to 18...and 7 to BHO

Went skiing today, then came back and started to pack. Now its late-ish and I'm watching last night's GossipGirl online....nothing new to report.

Ummm except that my thighs are burning. Which is probably a good thing....they aren't as muscley as they used to be.....working on that though. That'll be gone in the morning.

But....did anyone else realize that it's officially a week to the inauguration? I had 7 to BO up at the top..but then I realzied that it was like body oder so that's nasty. I'm so excited. So ready for this.

Guess that's it for today. Does anyone know how to get the crud out from underneath the keyboard on a laptop....mine's disgusting.

1 comment:

  1. That sounds fun Ally. :) (referring to your blog comment) and thanks for the tip!
    Was it like uber expensive?