Thursday, January 1, 2009

Two things I love right now:

She doesn't sound amazing, but it was also really cold. And it features some of her best. And Change (one of my top songs of 08). Picture to Burn, Love Story, Forever and Always, and Change. I kinda wish she did Fearless, though.

I give her props for wearing a tank top backless dress (which is really cute) in negative something weather.

And this. I have a slight obession with this song. Everyonce and awhile, Beyonce stuns me and I find a song by her that I can't stop listening to for days. And youtube is being an idiot and not letting me embed. But I found this and it made me laugh. Its a tad bit difficult to type, so I'm gonna leave now, but I'll be back later. Maybe.


  1. I love halo by beyonce, it honestly blows me away. She has such a great voice! I`ve added yu to my reading list!