Saturday, January 24, 2009

15 to 18...My building.

Photo: Edward Cullen/Rpattz
By: Me with my phone.

I love it. It has a gym. And, for the...probably 5th time since I've lived here, I've used it. It wa fabulous. I did an ab work out, flowed by a 10 mile run. All before the wonderful hour of 10. Then I showered and met my friends for lunch. We then shopped for a tad...but me being tired, came back home early and fell asleep.

I'll be in pain tommarow...speaking of tommarow, I'm (hopefully) going skiing. But its worth the pain. I've noticed differences already. My abs are more firm, the muscle is coming back. I haven't measured around yet, but I'm sure I've shrunk.

I should also start working on upper body too. Get some arm muscle back.

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