Friday, January 9, 2009

Hey Hey Hey

So, I've arrived. I'm tired, but awake. Its 5 am. And since I was up basically 19 hours straight on Wednesday, I was up all that day and went to bed at a normal Italy time causing me to wake up yesterday (Thursday) at normal time, but I went to bed early causing me to wake up early now. With no one else awake, I'd figured I'd make a post. Today I'm skiing with Paolo. I'm excited. We're going to Artesina, its about an hour or so south and might spend Saturday in a town near the sea.

Yesterday, I talked with my Nonna about like, everything. And then we made a dinner together and some family came over. I had fun. It was a bit of a blur, trying to understand everyone so fast. By tommarow, I'll be up to speed, and able to converse at a normal level, rather than..."Oh, mhm, si, si." I'll be able to form coherant sentences without taking about a minute.

Anyway. I haven't taken any pictures yet. Sorry guys. Camera probably won't come with me tommarow because if I fall, I could break it. And I don't want to risk that. So, Goodnight to you, Goodmorning to me.