Monday, January 19, 2009

20 to 18...I bought a guitar today

Photo by Aol of Taylor Swift's Guitar.

I have this little, probably crappy, guitar. I got it for a hundred dollars in my favorite music store. I learned three cords, A, D, and E minor, but am not that fast in switching my hands to the next chord.
Why did I do this?
Answer: I am an impulse shopper. I watched people on youtube doing covers of some of my favorite songs, and I think to myself, "Hey...I can do that."
I also bought a two song books, The Beatles and a Taylor Swift.
So this should be fun....


  1. You can do this!!

    You can so do it. I tried to get my little brother to play but apparently I'm a bad student. Cuz I just just wanna pick it up and be Jimi Hendrix, LOL

    But you, I faith in.

    Is it acoustic?

  2. damn! I forgot 'have'

    I HAVE faith in you

    I'm not illiterate