Thursday, January 1, 2009

Last night and my memory lapse (sp)???

Haha, so last night was great. Minus the emergency room vist, but we'll get there eventually in my story circle time.

So we left my house and we went to dinner. Which was nice. Then we swing by my house to pick up my crock pot ful of wings (yum) and go to the party at Ethan's friend's house. We get there, go into the house. Me, being the clutz that I am, when carrying the wings, slip on nothing and do this profressional baseball like slide through the kitchen. It was really cool thinking about the way I actually landed after it was all over. People laughed, I laughed. The wings are still in my hand, I fell on my stomach, holding the wings up in the air to save them. Crockpot lands on my fingers. I get up put the crockpot on the counter, notice the blood. I'm like, "oh shit," go to the bahroom, wash my hands, and notice the swelling and the bruising. Show Ethan and he's like, "ice." I get ice and hold there while talking to people. Swelling does not go down. So I'm like "we're going to the hospital." We get to the hospital, sit in the waiting room for like 2 hours. Watch Times Sqaure ring in the New Year on the TV (it was like -2 there and I feel bad for all those idiots who stood out there for hours) and they're like, "Yeah, It's probably a fracture." They wrap it up and give me heavy duty tylenol (made me so loopy) and we go back to my house. My parents are like WTF? We spend the rest of the night sitting on my couch watching the tv with the kidlets and my dad.

Oh yeah, because of the swelling, they had to cut my ring off, so I have it in a plastic baggy in my bag, so that'll need to get fixed.

It should be back to normal in a week or so. I rang in the New Year asleep with my hand on ice and head on Ethan's shoulder.

There's never a dull moment. Ever.

Oh, and my memory lapse (I spelt lapse wrong right?), in my whole Reflection of 08, I forgot to mention the Olympics. Which were amazing. Phelps winning 8, Nastia winning the (silver?) all around. Shawn being fierce. And the women's gymnastic team getting robbed by 10 year old Chinese girls.

the year of changes.

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  1. oh wow what a way to bring in the year! haha
    but i hope your hand gets better soon