Sunday, January 18, 2009

21 to 18...Jacob Black.

I have way to much freetime....which is obvious. But I reread New Moon and I now love Jacob. I didn't think that was possible. Edward...hmm...he's a bit of a pedo-stalker. I love him anway and still and he sparkles. But....Jacob Black. He's the sensible choice. that I have realized this...I also realized how crazed and popular Twilight is. Its a good thing, I guess but its kinda annoying. People are crazy. Anyway....and its not even that great. I started my whole work out thing. I did at least, 900 sit ups in the past three days and ran about 8 miles. My abs are dying. I think it may actually be possible to kill a part of your body and not realize it. That makes no sense and I'm rambling.

Oh. I tried on 'my' Louboutins (see post below) and fell in love. My feet felt like they were on a cloud. The heel is quite high though, limiting the amount and places I could wear them. I actually planned my outfit around them today when I went with my friend Liz to try them on. I'm insane.

The inaugural concert, WE ARE ONE, was amazing. I'm watching it now. I'm also almost done with my photo video (it won't for some reason, let me add video, grr) I'm making and I'm making shirts. Which are awesome. Will post pictures. And the video of course.

Anyway I'm rambling and you just wasted 35 seconds to a minute, depending on how fast you read, of your life reading thing.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. My mouth just fell open.

    You bloody traitor!! Jacob left that damn motercycle to get Bella in trouble -- Who does that?!?

    Ally, I never thought you'd cross over.