Sunday, February 1, 2009

8 to 18. *Beyond these walls that hold us here...*

skies that stetch across a midnight clear.
Oh, a revolution is near.
In my dream I hear the echoes of the recent battle
Lostand wounded as the faded cries begin to settle for the night
But the words you use to hurt me now
Only seem to make me strong some how
Oh a revolution is now
And the days will get warmer, and I'll take down my armor
Together we can fight this feeling
And the demons that stalk us will eventually turn to dust
Together we can start this healing
-FeFe Dobson "Revlution"

Go listen to this song. Its amazing.

My mom found a house. She took pictures and I have them, but I really don't want to but them up here....for obvious reasons. Its an 8 bedroom house with a basement where they're going to add two more room, plus a playroom. Its just about an hour from the city, north. It has a big backyard, which is amazing. No pool though. I like it. She just waiting for my dad's approval and then they're going to buy it.

I'm alone, basking in silence. Ethan's at a superbowl party and I'm alone. I love being alone.

I almost lost a kid today. That was insanely scary.

And, Miss Raven, if you are reading, I don't know if you are or not. I love you and your amazing and your gonna get through this. You deserve everything that's good in life. I'm really glad that I "met" you. Thanks for everything you've done for me and you know I'm here if you need to rant. I owe you a few. *sends good vibes in your direction.*

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  1. Yes, I'm reading.
    Thanks Ally. -- The word "thanks" doesn't actually suffice... but I suppose it will do.
    Love you. :)

    Wish you the best.
    (Even though you know I'm still reading and keeping up with you guys)