Thursday, February 19, 2009

For your enjoyment!!! FINALLY

So I cut the song....Its the verse 1/2 of the 1st verse, and the chorus. She does this cool slappy thing with the strings at "head first, fearless" but I dunno how to do it...I tried and failed. Gosh...I love the song so much. I'm posting her version too. Its also done without a capo - which makes it lower than Taylor's version. I'm very proud of myself to have come this far in just a few weeks!

Ehh.....enjoy. Its not great.....I just did it like 5 minutes ago. I do have a cold so my voice isn't great...and the fact that I haven't had to "sing" sing. So yeah....blehhh.

^that's the version that made me fall inlove with the song in summer I cried.

BTW....its taken me atleast 5 hours and trying to upload my cover 6 different ways...but its finally up. YAY!

I also kinda feel like I'm writing this blog for no one. Nobody comments me anymore. (hinthint)So let me hear you opinions please


  1. I'm so proud of you.
    Hahah I love the "damn"
    But you're doing great for only playing for 3 weeks.

    Keep going sweetie!

  2. It won't let me see the video!

  3. YAY Allybobally!! That was really good.
    I can't believe you taught yourself