Monday, February 2, 2009

7 to 18 *Did I mention the iTouch?*

Photo Credit - me
Of - me
Taken - last week

I also changed the blog name. Its more fitting now, I think.

Anyway, for tonight's ramble, I'll rant on how much I love my itouch. I did have the iPhone. And I really did love it, but it was complex and I butt dialed alot. So when the thingy expired earlier this year, I bought a new little phone. Nothing complex, just calling and texting. And then I had to resort to my little orange shuffle that I run with...which honestly, I hate. So I begged my parents to get me the touch for my birthday, and they did. I paid for part of it because I wanted the 32 GB. And I love it. It is a lot like the iphone, but I love it. It makes me happy. Its so pretty.

Anyway....that's it. One week to my 18th and I have no plans. I really want to go gamble, but since its on a Monday, that makes the whole I-can't-go-away-with-school thing. And I can't go the weekend before, and the weekend after is Valentines Day, aka I wear pink, eat chocolate and sing love ballads all day while my valentine sulks because "its a pointless holiday and too commercial and blahblahblah." He refuses to take me to dinner, or even recognize the fact that its the day of luuuuuurve. Loser.

So I'm attempting to make plans. Hopefully that'll work out.

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