Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I don't really know what to say

here. I feel like I should make a post but of what I really don't know. Anyway, random picture time!

Sunset looking out over the Hudson...I took it in the fall maybe.

Anyway...I love my twitter guys should get them! All of them are on the right. I've recorded more videos but the balance is off and they won't go to youtube, so once I redo them, they'll be up.

Ummm I love my American Civil War history today I sat there learning about how South Carolina basically caused the whole war and that Abraham contradicted himself like 24/7.

Also, here's what is really making me mad recently. This whole letthetaxpayerspayforotherpeoplesmortagesbecausetheycan'taffordtheirhousesbecausethebankslike nadohmygoshwe'reallgoingtodieinworldwarthreeandmexicoisgoingtocollapseandwe'reallgoingtodietheretoo.

I really don't agree with that whole bill Obama's trying to pass, but since I really can't change it, oh well. That is just kinda stupid I think.

And, for the first time in like 3 years, I went bathing suit shopping and freaking loved how my body looked. Yay for spring break in like a month. Did I tell you guys I'm going home? Home being the place I was born....not where my family lives...ha.

So..hmmm...that's enough ramblingness. I'm going to go eat Klondike's and sleep...not at the same time obvouisly.

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