Friday, February 6, 2009


Found it on Flickr.

I cannot believe its finally here. YAY! Yet, I have no plans...well, kinda. Tonight, I'm doing all my schoolwork. Then tommarow, my sister called, she's in Toronto and is flying down and staying with friends here in NY for awhile and then she's off to anywhere, and she's coming down. As much as I'm mad at her, I'm glad I get to see her. So we're going to hangout and then go to dinner that night with friends, hers and mine. I'll probably have to end up paying. And then Sunday, its upstate to go skiing (YAY!!!) and then home. First thing in the AM, I'm buying a lotto ticket and registeting to vote.

Its so COLD here. ugh. I'm under my snuggie, and a down comforter.

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