Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I hope your ear's don't bleed...(me playing guitar)

I have a cold so my singing isn't great. Also I haven't sang with a purpose for over a year now. And I've only been playing for about three weeks i'm not great. But here it is. Comments would be lovely...I'd love opinions. I know it needs work....but I just learned it yesterday. Its only the first verse, and chorus. Its more guitar than singing....but you can hear it all going horribly.

There was actually a better attempt recorded, but I had it on voice changing and it made it all deep and the guitar sound like a really loud cackle-y bass.

Ahh...welll the video has been uploading for about three hours now. So I give up. Sorry Morena and Mom! I"ll put it on youtube tommarow. I promise!

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