Monday, February 16, 2009

My two most recent epiphanies.

Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Taken by Me, summer 05.

1-Don't be an idiot. Don't get drunk at parties where you can be arrested. Don't go to parties like that period. Don't call your older sister and complain that your parent's have taken away everything...and don't try to make people feel sorry for yourself. Don't think its cool to get drunk. Don't think its cool to get high. Don't do those things. period. It's stupid and you will get introuble. I am so glad I was never that person. I'm glad that I have and had good friends who are perfectly content with staying in and eating pizza and Chinese take out, watching movies and playing games.

2-I think that I wasn't ever actually done with the whole therapy thing. I was looking at signs of depression and rapid mood swings are a sign, and also the whole holding everything in and then building up like a volcano suddenly flipping out at the littlest thing. Honestly, I miss the whole talking to a stranger about myself thing. Its nice. I think I'll call Kim tommarow morning and figure out if I really need this or if its just in my head.

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