Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day....

But what's really happy about it. I mean, its a day for hallmark to earn some money. Its really honestly pointless on the Holidays scale, right above Ground Hogs Day (definatly the most pointless holiday) and right below Boxing Day (just because two holidays in a row is a great thing...haha). So you've guessed by now that I really don't like this day....Its just another day of the year and if you love someone, you shouldn't devote a day to it, you should celebrate your love all year round. <3

In other news, I've just gotten back from the town where my family is moving too. I saw their new house (I love it...but they're hiring people to add on and put a room in the attic and two others in the basement). They'll be moving out here sometime during the summer. I won't actually say the towns name (and I was going to put pictures) but honestly, I think that's a little creepy, so I'm not going to. However, I'll leave you with a picture taken a few winters ago when I used to ski race.

1 comment:

  1. i think V-day is stupid. and NOT because i dont have one.

    BUT because its just a stupid holiday.

    and i got my blog back btw.