Sunday, December 28, 2008


My wardrobe needs an update. Bad. And I have all this freetime. So I might as well use it. So hopefully this will work. 2009 is the year of Fabulous, Flawless, and Fun. Hopefully.

People Who's Style I Idolize:

Camilla Belle: because she has similar skin tones and coloring as me. She's carries herself well, and has style. I love the way she uses color, and the simple, but perfect accesorizing she uses. My favorite look here would have to be the blue dress, the white ruffly one or the one above it to the left (black and white).

Taylor Swift: Lets just state the obvious, I love this girl. From her shoes, she's almost six feet tall but not afraid to tower in heels. She can carry almost every type of clothing and has great taste. I love her in almost every thing I see her in. My favorite looks here would have to be the the Louboutin Boots outfit with the skirt, the white skirt, and the white Marchesa dress at the ACM Awards (bottom left).

Somehow, I will emulate these two lovely ladies style next year. I chose these two because they're youthful, inspiring, and bold.

Oh...if you click on the pictures of Taylor and Camilla it makes them bigger.


  1. :) I like this post. You spelled USE wrong by the way. You put US. It's in the first sentence. :) This year I'M channeling Coco Chanel and Rachel Zoe.

  2. just noting this (i'm such a geek) but camilla and taylor have both dated joe jonas. (camilla still possibly dating him.) but they are both great style icons, i love camilla's use of color too.