Monday, December 29, 2008

Shopping today

Here's Some of What I Go:

From left to right:
Black ruffle dress, f21, I really like it. wearing my jeans under it and the second too.
Satin flower dress, f21, in the pic its not zippered in the back. I LOVED this.
black skirt, h&m, with buttons on the waist. its versitile
black ruffle skirt, h&m, new years eve anyone?

Also got: pink satin flats, lots of bracelets (my new obsession), black ankle boots from target, a scarf, a few flowered wrap shirts, a white lace tank, black sweater thing with the long front that your can wrap around yourself and snuggle into, a loot from bath and body works, dark green skinny jeans, red high waisted shorts, black pinstripe vest, red sequin covered shift dress, purple pumps, lace tights, flower printed tights, tee shirts to decorate, and comfy sweats.

Oh...and everything was on sale for less than half its original price! I spent only like 130$ today!!!


  1. Ally! THAT is the skirt I was talking about. Alright, now I saw your comment and it frustrates me because you're not online. Anyway, I want ONE of those skirts and I'm seriously not kidding. I NEED them. How much were they from H&M?

  2. Oh and you spelled versAtile wrong. ;) You're welcome again.

  3. Ally loveee.

    I love those skirts. They're adorable.
    And I'm sorry your parents are being jerks and paid for your spring tuition (I read it on a TV post, I believe)

    But um.. I guess we'll talk about that later.

  4. OH and by the way, I LOVE the song Halo.

  5. Oh my goodness Ally. I saw the post on TeenVogue just now. We NEED to talk.

  6. hey,
    i linked to your blog from morena's, but i MUST say that h&m ruffle skirt is to die for, I want it so badly, I'm gonna have to go check h&m out asap! The other stuff is gorgeous too! Check my blog out!