Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas!

my day started last night

we did our italian fish dinner then the little kids went to bed and the rest of us watched movies until 11. then we got everyone up and we all went to midnight mass.

then we came home at like 1 am. and my little sister is like "its christmas we can open presents now"

and i'm like "its not christmas until there's sun"

eventually....everyone was in bed by like 2.

wake up at 3:30 am to


and my mom's like "do you see sun?" sent them back to bed.

wake up again at 5:15 to my little sis, Cass, sitting on my bed STARING at me.

I'm like you can sleep here.....

For real, this time, woke up 7. The deal in my house is that no one can open presents or see the tree until everyone is awake. The 10 of us (baby and MIA older sis not present) sat on the stairs until 8 when my dad was like "breakfast is ready"

not one of the littler kids ate. i was like guys...seriously? presents, one by one, for 14 people, plus the animals, until about 11:30. Dad and Nonna go and makes dinner.

Oh...ethan came over b/c his mom is jewish. thats the reason they came out. besides the fact that his dad went to london. he didn't want to be alone. got present from him.

dinner at 2 with everyone, including ethan and his mom. (i love her she's awesome)

had a "snow ball fight" in the living room. with balls of wrapping paper. (we save them every year)

the boyfriend and mom went over did the hannukah thing. still over there.

had a long talk with my nonna about the meaning of life/christmas/love.

little kids have now passed out. my mom and dad and nonna are baking. idk what for. i'm watching Love Actually, best movie ever.

oh....i guess i should say what i got:

from my parents/santa:

ugg moccasin slippers
tales of beedle the bard
tourquoise earrings
donation to the american cancer society
and a promise to go shopping for my room

from ethan:

earrings. so cute.
love actually dvd because someone stole mine

from the little siblings:

taylor swift doll
a pink fake christmas tree
some finger painted pictures that will go on my wall
a toe ring
a glasses case because Illi broke mine.

from my friend Kelli's mom (kelli passed away in July):

a double framed picture of me and her when we were 10 and when we were 17 with the lyrics to My Wish by Rascal Flatts engraved on it. (which made me cry)

I hope everyone's Christmas at least a little bit shorter and that everyone got what they wanted and more sleep than i did last night.

Oh, and Miss Raven, if you are reading, you're blog won't let my comment.


  1. did you eat 7 fish? my boyfriend is half italian and his dad is from new york and that is why I ask

  2. That was SO sweet of Kelli's mom.

    I sort of want to just give you a hug. haha In a non creep way.

  3. Awe.. it sounds like you had an eventful christmas. LOL

    and that's so sweet of your friend's mom... that's so sad, though. :(

  4. Oh Ally! That sounds so amazing. Tears welling up as I read that. You know why...

  5. Oh BTW: I used to call my grandma Nonna. No one knew what it meant, I was happy to see YOU did since you ARE Italian. :)