Friday, December 26, 2008

I had a grown-up convo today.

And that made me happy. I was with my little brother and the twins outside on the swings and Ethan was there, and we don't normally have these types of conversations. And that made, beyond estatic. put it this wasn't even a convo. It was a note left on the table before he left. I never noticed him write it or leave it there. But we talked after. And it was probably the most mature conversation we've ever had.

Its just these random things that happen that make me happy. So this note, I'll take a picture of it for you guys tommarow. It made my day.

And did I mention that I need a life? I have no life. I waste so much time on the internet. But honestly, I have nothing else to do. Tommarow night, I'm going out to dinner with my BGF. He's awesome. We've been in the same drama class all throught Cali HS and he made the shit days hilarious. I probably spent more hours after school with Mattie than I did with anyone else. I haven't seen him since May - he went to London - and we've kept in contact.

Oh...did I also mention that 4/5 movies I've watched are created for hopeless romantics. I really need a life.


  1. Aw Ally that was cute. Oh and it's alright, we ALL spend too much time here. But that's okay. :) We need to talk though...about New Years outfit and I have something else to tell you :D

    Thanks for following my blog. I always love when you guys do that. It makes me smile. :)