Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Belly Button

Wierd random convo this morning while eating breakfast (CINNAMON BUNS!!!). I was sitting on the counter and I had my bathing suit top on b/c I was going to go in my friends hotub. And Ethan was sitting and eating with my sis, Ili and this occurs.
A- me, E- Ethan, I - Illiana.

E-You're bellybutton's wierd.
A-No...its not. Its normal.
I-Yeah. It kinda is.
A-What do you mean?
E-Its like....not centered. Most are like right above the jeans button and in a straight line from the nose.
A-And mine isn't???
E-Yeah, stand up. Illi, lift up your shirt too. See...her's is in the right spot.
A-Uhuh...whats the big deal though.
E-Idk...its just different. But you are too.

And I'm laying here and they're right...its not centered. Wierd.

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  1. I'm sorry that your belly button is off. But oh well. At least its not too bad.


    Oh and you SHOULD be able to comment my blog now, I edited the settings.