Saturday, December 20, 2008


I am finally packed. Boxes are sent home with most of my stuff, I'm just bringing on the plane my cello and two suitcases plus stuffing more stuff in Ethan's suitcase. Should be hilarious trying to get them closed.

Christmas shopping is mostly done. I haven't done my dad's yet. Finishing my mom's as I type. They all got mailed home too.

We were supposed to be there by now but snow came in and upstate got a good 10 inches and I "need" to I got some friends together and we drove up...roads were shit. It was fun..the mountain isn't super challenging (sp?) but it was all fresh powder and perfect. I took some really awesome pictures. Ofcourse, me being me, forgot my knee brace thingy (a few years ago I fucked up my knee skiing and now I have to wear a brace thingy when I ski or do anything the requires a lot of pressure on the knee) and now it like, hurts and tommarow I probably won't be able to walk..but whatever. It was worth the pain. I'll post the awesome pictures tommarow.

I have so much energy right now....adrenaline does great things for you. I go home hopefully-fingers crossed- monday morning. We're supposed to get wierd weather again. I just really want to go home. And I need to make New Years Eve plans. And Hannukkah starts tommarow. I'm not sure if my roomies are celebrating because their dad is Catholic.I think we're waiting until Cali to celebrate.

Next time I post - hopefully I'll be on the West Coast.

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