Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 - A reflection.

The year of growing up.
Graduating early, moving away from the family, and growing up emotionally
The year of breaking down.
Loosing it too many times. Loosing it over people, over me, over anything depending on my mood.
The year of fun.
As much pain that I was in this year, I had a lot of fun. Probably the most all year.
The year of loss.
Loosing my best friend is probably the one event that will stand out to me. I miss you.
The year of love.
And realizing the person who I need the most will always be there for me.
The year of learning.
College has changed me. And I've learned so much more than just acedemically.
The year of stupidity.
Face it head on, I started this year stupid. But learned from my mistakes. I hope.
The year of hope.
For the first time, I felt hope and pride of living in this country. Thank you Mr. President-Elect.
The year of music.
This year was probably the most musical of my life. I'm posting a playlist of the year soon.
The year of growing, physically.
I grew 3.7 inches this year. Bringing me to five feet five and a half inches. YAY!
The year of growing, mentally.
State the obvious, my brain's been expanded. Vocab is 10x better than it was 2 years ago. And in general, I just know so much more.

Overall, 2008 is the toughest, most challenging year of my life. But it had its great moments. Most memorable year so far - in good and bad ways.

Goodbye, two thousand eight. Hello two thousand nine.

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  1. wow. what you wrote was amazing. It's really "cool" that you accpeted whatever happened this year, and you're ready to move on with 2009.