Monday, December 1, 2008


Sunrise. Somewhere in New Jersey. I think.

Cinderella's Castle. This is what it looked like when Ethan proposed.

The Everest roller coaster. Its awesome. I rode it twice.

Mickey during 'Fantasmic' at Hollywood Studios.

Minnie Mouse

So there's about 650 more pictures. I'll post more over time...but these are just a few. The trip was amazing. I had so much fun with my family. The only big issues were the hotel (We booked three rooms, and they put us in three seperate buildings...then we got it changed and it got switched to the same building but different floors...It finally ended after my dad talking to the hotel manager and we all got two rooms on the third floor and one on the first.) and getting home this past weekend.

Umm...I was going to say something else but I forget.

Currently listening too: Never Think - Rob Pattinson

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  1. Ah but New York has been my dream school since I was about 7... :( haha.

    And for some reason, I don't get any spanish TV stations.. so.. yeah :(

    PS; As much as I love Rob Pattinson, I hate his singing voice.