Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This wasn't how I pictured today at all...

I'll make a list.

1-We were going to be in a field or something.
2-Our families were supposed to be there.
3-We weren't supposed to be spontaneous...if being drunk is spontaneous.
4-I was supposed to be wearing a good dress...(I did find one though. My neighbor was like "try my dress!" So I did and it's freaking beautiful)
5-I was supposed to be able to understand the priest.
6-Certain friends were supposed to be there.
7-In my head, I was older.
8-My dad thinks I'm pregnant and wants me to mail him a peestick. Which I don't think I am.....if I am, then I'll do certain actions that will leave me in jail and a certain someone in a box.

I think that's it. Two hours. Oooh...good things about today.

1-I look hot. HAHA. My boobs look so good in this dress. Is that bad that I'm calling myself hot?
2-Perfect freaking food. I love my uncles. :)
3-Ethan looks so -I was going to say "fuckable" but for some reason it didn't look right, but you get the idea- in light blue.
4-The fact that as much as I think this is all pointless, a formality on this point, I'm honestly kinda loving it.
5-The fact that, finally, something in my life is definate.

OH! So, Thursday we're leaving for London. We'll be there for a couple days, then we're going to Ireland. I've always wanted to go to the land of the Irish. Then it's home on Monday. I want to be in my city so bad it hurts.

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  1. Ally!!! I'm SOO sorry for not posting sooner but Blogger was freaking out and not telling me when you were updating and stuff. Really weird. I'm happy for you and Ethan and wish you both the best :)