Friday, May 8, 2009

Siedo in un aeroporto, e annoiato.

Okay, so I'm sitting in the airport and it is 6:30 and I'm waiting for our plane. We've been sitting here for about a half hour. It is always good to get to airports early. Espcially with kids. Who are running in circles by the windows where we are sitting and waiting and watching the planes. We should be leaving in about a half hour. Lovely long flight too. Its like 11 hours to Paris, then a little layover and a three hour flight to Rome. With the time change we land in Rome at like, 2 in the afternoon. That's wierd to me.

So I'm going to be getting a lot of sleep, depending on the awakness of the kids. Two five year old girls, Isabella and Katherine, and three year old and one year old boys, George and Guytano.

Damnitydamnfreakingcrap. I just spilled lovely hot cocoa all over my dress. Lovely.

Oh, yeah....I FINALLY got a better guitar. Not the one I wanted, but it is a Fender. It is black and beautiful. It is sitting next to the case obviously.

Anyway, I can garuntee, that I'll be alone in the land of white houses and blue skies aka Santorini, I'll be online a lot. HAHA



  1. My god you travel so much. I'm jealous. Have fun!
    And hows the guitar coming along? I want my own song!