Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Picture and My love for London

I LOVE LONDON!!!!!!!!!! Picture time: I took this from the top of the London Eye Ferris Wheel on my cell. Ignore the nasty blurriness. I love London....I said that already. I love pubs. I love the lovely red double decker busses. I love the happy nice nurses at the London Hospital (long story short, Ethan broke his arm...uncoordinated loser.) I love everything about this city. Gosh, it's amazing. I'm moving here someday. I found love in the form of a city.

AND I think I love it more than New York....though I could be just smitten. The only thing I don't like is that it is so much colder here than Greece.

I changed my blog url...which is why I think no one has found it in awhile, it is now we're doing more sightseeing then it is off to DUBLIN. Land of the Gingers and Guiness. I really wanted to go ride the Hogwarts Express today (because you can) but Ethan was like "You need to get over this obsession and I'm not waisting my money on something that stupid and pointless." Which it is all. HP is amazing. HAHA.

OOOOOOH! And when I get home, I'm gonna do a mini concert. I'm doing 2 originals and a few other songs that will all be surprises.

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