Thursday, May 14, 2009

One way Two say, Three words Four you....I love you.

Listening to the Plain White Tee's. I can do that on guitar. When I get back to NY, or soon idk which, but I promise a mini concert. I'll make a list of songs I can do and you all can pick them.

Anyway, recent events that I'm not going into right now, have taught me to just appreciate life. Do not take ANYTHING for granted. Love the people you hate, because of their flaws. Smile at everyone. Let everyone into your life no matter what they've done in their past that is a bit dodgy. Be a person that is positive for the world. Every second wasted is a moment lost.

Actually, I'll tell you. I got an email last night from a mutual friend from highschool. A boy that was friends with everyone killed himself last Friday. I found out almost a week later, I would have gone out to the service for him if I knew. He was amazing and always had a smile and nothing was ever wrong with him to my knowledge. It is just odd to me that someone that was just the light and laughter of the school do that.

What I just been thinking about all day is maybe I could have done something to prevent it, anyone could have. Maybe just being there for him. No one really knew that there was anything wrong. That scares me. Are we all just too oblivious?

This all goes back to the header for this, yeah, it's a love song, but if we all just said "I love you" to someone everyday....who knows what could happen?

Anyway...think about it. I'm leaving Greece earlier than I planned, I was staying until June 12th originally, but I'm going home on Monday. I love it here, but I just need America right now. I need to be closer to my family, my friends, etc.

Oh yeah, I accidently put a hole through my new guitar. Not good. I was fumbling around in the dark and stepped on it....oops. Guess its back to the crapper.

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