Monday, May 18, 2009


So, I'm sitting here in this loverly cushy chair drinking wine, talking to my sister Cassie, watching a really old Oprah that's badly dubbed in Greek and subtitled. I'm a good multitasker.

Hmm. I think I'm going to do another semi-all nighter and sleep for a bit now and wake up. I took a nap this afternoon. I woke up at three AM and sat awake and read then went for a run...which is quite difficult here because of all the steps. So I ended up walking up the steps and running laps around my uncles winery for a few hours. I love is really exhilerating. It's so wonderful here at night, just looking at the lights and stars and moon. I tried taking a picture last night but it did work. I'm trying again now with my webcam...maybe that will work. Hmm...never mind it didn't. Oh well.

I think that's it right now. OH YEAH! Since it is the GossipGirl season finale, I found it streaming live online somewhere because knowing me I'd look it up and find out what happened and that would make me really really mad. So I'll be here at like 8ish EST, so I'll be here watching it and on AIM....if you should feeling chatting with me.

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