Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So I can't sleep.

What a long, great day. One of the best in a long time. It's almost Thursday here, and I leave in 6 hours to fly to London. HELL YEAH! I was there once for like a day, and it was so pretty and wonderful, what I saw of it - which was the bookstore where Mugglecast was on the night Book 7 came out, the airport, and a couple streets.

I'm awake and looking at the stars again. It's beautiful. Everyone and everything is beautiful. My left hand is a little bit heavier and I just feel like jumping up and down on my bed and dancing and screaming and laughing until I burst a rib.

Uh...what is there to do in London? That's what I'm doing now. We'll be there Thursday and Friday and part of Saturday, then we're going to Dublin until Monday, going back to London and flying home. I want to go home so badly.

I really want to go to a a real pub. A nice traditional British pub. HAHA. I want to see the crown jewels. I want to go to the Flagship TopShop - I doubt Ethan will want to do that though. I really want to go on the Ferris Wheel. Oooh and the tower. I think that would be so neat. Yeah...and go the Guiness place in Dublin and get beer. I'm not a big beer person though....I will be this weekend I guess.

Hmmm, I guess I'll tell you about the lovely dress I borrowed from my distant cousin and neighbor. It had a v-neck front and back, all chiffon/light airy cotton, it hit at my ankles and had a braided belted empire waist. Beautiful. I gave it back to her though. I wore black sandals. I looked so good in it, espcailly the chest, but I said that in my last post.

Part of me felt really guilty about today because our parents weren't there and I'm so close to mine. Anyway...I'm gonna sketch for a bit and go back to sleep. I love you all, I really do. Thanks for everything you've all done for me this past year. It means so much.

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