Saturday, May 2, 2009

I love you for giving me your eyes...

Inspired by this:


I'm making a photocollage video for my mom to me singing this song for mother's day with pictures of me and my brothers and sisters. Last time I made one of these it refused to upload here, but I'll try again. I'm either mailing it to her, doing it over one of our videochats or possibly seeing her in person because of certain...things. I'll got there later.

This post is about my mom. How she has always been there for me, for everyone of us. She treats us all equally, like there isn't a "prize child" and she'll try to do special things for each of us. Which is amazing that she even can because of the little ones. I'm going to tell a story that I think of everytime I hear this song, if you don't know what song it is by now becuase you are not listening/watching, it is The Best Day by Taylor Swift. Here is the story:

I must have been like 9 or 10 and I had come home from school mad because I was different than the other kids. Different in appearance: I had the body of a 6 year old, I had insane hair - much like Taylor's in the video except darker and poofer and tight little ringlets and just horrible. I need to find a picture to scan in from then to show you all, because it is so freaking funny. But what I was most bothered by was my eyes. My eyes, as a child were really light (light as in shade) greenish-blue. Really pretty, but they've got progressively more hazel mixed with brown as I've got older. I was mad because a girl, who is now one of my best friends - Kate, made fun of them because no one had those eyes. She called me a freak and an alien and honestly, looking back it is so insanely funny to me.

I think my eyes, after my hips, are my best feature and to think that I came home in tears about it becuase everyone else had one-color darker (as in shade) eyes. My mom sat me on the kitchen counter, looked me in the eyes and told me that my eyes are special. They are the eyes of my grandmother and that, out of all her grandchildren and children only 5 others have had those eyes and how she wished she had them. She told me I am lucky and that what other's think are my flaws are probably my best features. That was the moment I became proud of my nationality, my heritage.

I'm so happy to have these eyes now, so thanks you Nani for giving me your eyes. Being the grandma with the house open to me any time, letting me sneak in, and always being there. Thank you Mom, for always being there and helping me through my problems, for actually being the carrier of the great-eye gene. I love you.

Nani, my Greek grandmother, is getting pretty ill. She's really old, and her time may be coming soon. That'll be a hard one for me if it happens, so that's why I'm leaving next weekend to go to Greece with Ethan and possibly my mom and the non-school aged kidlets. I think it is pretty necessary, so I'm trying to work Nani into my video. I promise to post it if it'll let me.

Have a good week everyone, it's Saturday night and I've been laying on my couch taking a break from studying, eating HaagenDaaz with Ethan and trying to fall asleep so I can sleep in tomorrow. Finals next week are going to kill me. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday and I am free. :) Wish me luck!

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  1. Awwww.... I'm going to do that to for my mum :)