Friday, May 29, 2009

Taylor in NYC

I didn't take this pic. I was too far away. I could just see the top of her head.

So...I got there at 3am and there was already a lot of people in a line. They would let us into the plaza. It was insane. And it was totally worth it. Once they let us in, it started POURING> I squeezed my way through the crowd to get to near the entrance of the Today Show building is, where all the people go in and out. Her dad and brother were standing near me during her performances, so I like made them notice me and gave them my giftie (a tee shirt with a letter from me on the back, then a longer letter for Taylor inside the bag and brownies) and Austin was like "Taylor will love this." That was at like 7ish.

Then she did a sound check. I heard the band warming up and someone singing Love Story, but I was like "ehh no that's not Taylor" then all the umbrellas went down and people started screaming and she came on stage and someone held an umbrella over her heard. She did a bit of Love Story and You Belong With Me. Then she took the 12 string guitar out and I was like "YES FEARLESS!!!" but I could really hear. The girl next to me said it was Umbrella.
AND I WAS COHERENT WHEN TALKING TO HER!!! That hasn't ever happened. Then I got Taylor's autograph too. On my shirt. Ahhh so amazing! Taking a picture of that shortly And I wish that I brought my camera with me. She offered to take a pic but no camera.....effer. I've met her 3 times now and no camera everytime. But this girl near me said she got a picture of us talking and will send it to me....but it's not a good one probably. I left mine home today because it was pouring when I left. I told her about her gift I made and she was like "aww thanks!" I had my phone but that comes out really small and bad quality. She was amazing. So amazing.

She did Love Story, You Belong with Me, Our Song and Teardrops. I was hoping for some acoustic Fearless, as it fit the mood of the rainy day. But didn't happen...grrr.

Oh yeah, and they gave away foam guitars, tee shirts, buttons and cowboy hats. I got a guitar and a pink cowboy hat. HAHA!

She also said that when she was upstairs and looked down at the umbrellas and wet hair that she teared up and couldn't be happier. She was so sincerely nice and amazed at everyone who was like "thank you for writing this song, it really touched me" and when people told how amazing she was and stuff like that she looked shocked, almost like "wow." It was amazing, she truely loves us - her fans. She hasn't changed, this whole sudden burst to mega stardom hasn't made her high headed. She's the same girl who started this when she was 16 and would sign autographs for everyone and stay as long as she needed to to get it done. I'm so proud. :)

Needless to say, one of the best days of my life.

Random bit of info...her hair is so soft in person. Mine was alll nasty from the rain, but hers was perfect. I didn't touch it, but my arm brushed it when she hugged me. AHHH YESSS!!!!

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  1. LUCKY!!!!!!!!! LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY!!!!!!!! I've only seen her once but I didn't get to meet her. Pooeye...I will when she comes to Texas September...ah, well. Sounds like it was a ton of fun :) Lucky you