Wednesday, April 1, 2009

For all of you, About all of you :)

Okay, so this was completely spontaneous and I was like, "Hey, they're the ones that see the videos, so I'll write a song." I attempted to write a song. It sucks. I was laughing so hard doing the first two times and it kinda sucks. Anyway...pass the word around. Here it is. :) :) :)

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic


  1. hahah oh dear I love this song ally. No joke. Its my new favorite. hahahahh "Taylor... who disappeared... because shes.. uh smart?" "and ebony... Who the hell stays up till 4 am like everyday?"

    oh my god. Ally, you're a saint.

  2. Oh YAY...I can't see it again.
    I'm so irritated.
    KEEP THIS VIDEO UP until I get to see it later on someone else's computer.

  3. hahahah omg i love it. LOVE IT. it made me snort. oh gawwd.
    'lamaa and amber who have a creepy james franco obsession'


  4. OH MY GOD. just made my life complete.. you are so adorable. hahah. fantastic. :] SOO FUNNY.. made me laugh..