Tuesday, April 21, 2009

hmmm i was going to ramble about something

but i totally forget what it was.

eh brain fart.

i made cupcakes today. they're dark chocolate and amazing.

and i've noticed that all the nice muscle, and wieghtloss and toning i've been doing is kinda going away. i need to make better use of the gym again. wahhhhh.

and hmmmm it's kelli's birthday friday. meaning, she would have been 18. so we've planned a little party for her. well, not for her....you know what i mean.

and hmmm...idk. i'm going through this random harry potter phase. it'll probably last for a long time....until the movie comes out. i'm rereading them and i'm excited. i tried to accio my water glass to me today. tobie said taht's something i shouldn't tell people....i'm a freak.

OH! I remember noW!!!!!
My summer plans are a roadtrip. July and early August through the US and Canada and maybe Mexico depending on its whole drug situation then....with like 8 of some of the best people. we're buying a jon&kate plus 8 van and driving that...i'm so excited. :)

i guess that's it. i'm going to bed now. goodnight. :)


  1. Sounds really exicting! I'm sure you will have fun :)

  2. Oh and to answer you're question I'm 15...I'm going to be sixteen in May though! :)