Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Post #157

Oh, my, gosh. That's a lot of posts.

Anyway, I'm just putting this here tonight to let everyone know that I'm going to me MIA until next weekend, the 10th or something.

This week is major cram week, the weekend is cramming, and all next week is finals. Lovely.

Ehh, it could be worse. But incase no one hears from me, that's where I am.

I like a 15 page paper due on Thursday, a brain chart of emotions - wtf? Phsycology I hate you, a paper (a little one) on an influential women in American history and some other shit. My brain feels like its going to implode from all the information swirling around inside of it.

And it is also the perfect time in my life to get sick. I'm freaking out about this swine flu thing. I am like, the biggest germaphob and now is the worst time for this to happen. I'm walking around with a scarf around my head in 80 degree weather and gloves on my hands. I refuse to take the subway or a cab. I'm riding my bike over 30 blocks every day, or driving - which is impossible. I don't touch anyone, or anything other than my own stuff. I take a shower as soon as I get home, I don't go to the gym now, or for food. My study sessions in the park are over, and I'm making Ethan shower the minute he gets home. I'm such a freak, but I can't get sick right now. I hate getting sick and I really just can let this happen to me now.

Well, that's my OCD, rant and etc for the day. Now you guys know how much of a freak I am.

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