Monday, March 30, 2009

My favorite spring fashion trend...

4 Ways To Wear
4 Ways To Wear - by the_wanderer on

I have a strange addiction to these things. The ones pictured are from American Eagle and I've bought all 5(?) colors because I love them that much. I'm wearing some now..and its really cold out.

Seriously...this bipolar weather pisses me off. When I left for California it was a sunny 61 degrees. I get back and its 43 and rainy. Actually, I lie, its not raining anymore, but its still cloudy and kinda windy. California, minus the reason I had to go there, was amazing. I spent time with my family yesterday and I've missed those kids so much. We made homemade pasta. Yum.

Ummmm let's see, I'm really bored and have an essay to write. I'm watching Cycle 7 of ANTM and trying not to fall asleep. I really want to buy a better guitar too. Mine's kinda crappy. My cello is also out of tune and that pisses me off. I can't find my tuner pitch thing anywhere. Anyway, I have a few videos for you guys that will be up soon. I promise. :) Oh - how would you guys feel about me doing a song in Greek or Italian...I've figured out "Fearless" in Greek. It's a bit different because the phrases are longer than English.

My new favorite song is "Love is Gone" by The Script. Go check it out. Its pretty awesome. Well, toodles. I'm gonna go attempt to get this essay thing done. Immigration during the 19th Century and how it affected the Reconstruction in the Post-Civil War era.


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  1. Oh yeah...defeintly a thrill...NOT!!! Hahaha :)