Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ignore my last post.

The whole crappy day yesterday and basically everything that made me so disgustingly mad at the world (this has really nothing to do with anything) but anyway, I solved my problem....a problem I didn't create. 5 things I am really, really, excited about:

1-CSI tonight, with Taylor Swift as the guest star. I'm curious about her acting ability. It'll be either great or a trainwreck. So I'll be watching that.

2-Going my real, true home. Greece. In a few short weeks. Yay!

3-The fact that I can now play 6 of my top 10 all time favorite songs fairly well on guitar. There will be a small concert of me playing up soon. So yay for some talent! Also, for you guys to learn, its really not that hard to do. Guitars are only like 100 bucks, and if you learn D, A, Em, G, C, and Bm you can play like 25 thousand songs....its amazing.

4-The fact that my voice is coming back. Yay for zythromax!

5-The fact that when I went bathing suit shopping, everything I tried on looked amazing. Espically the abs. UGH I LOVE THEM! So I got bikinis to show them off. Yay for the gym!

And honestly, for the first time in a long time, I'm happy. Its so great. I feel amazing, my body feels great, I'm comfortable in my skin. The twinkle in my eyes is back. Just...right now, I feel like nothing could go wrong. It is an amazing feeling to have. Minus yesterday.....



  1. Oh Ally. :)
    This one is one of my favorites. You just made me smile. I'm so glad you're happy. That makes both of us.

  2. AW!!! Lucky you got abs! I got something back there but it just ain't showing. And my body is like WAY curvy and my ribs are quite see-able (my body is just FREAKING OUT) so I stick to the lovely one pieces. Hahaha! Cannot wait for spring break!!! Well actually I can because all my friends will be gone :( They're going to Mexico...and then Eric's at his dads....and I have no clue why I am posting all of this. Like doing a blog inside a blog HAHAHA! Anyways, love your blog!!!