Sunday, March 1, 2009

What pisses me off - March 1st

Happy March! Its officially been 9 months without Kelli as of about two hours ago. So much has happened. It was just over a year ago that we found out it came back, and then 4 months later she was gone. :('s my piss-off. Seriously. I'm going to rant a lot so be prepared. :)

So this was taken from an "OMG TWILIGHT SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN AN OSCAR RPATTZ IS SO SEXY" set on polyvore. I'm the_wanderer and i'm trying to show this imbescils that twilight is a horrible movie and blah blah blah.

Twilight, while an enjoyable read isn't that great. It also isn't real literature. I think one of the comments in the set was "Wall-E won an award so why not Twilight?"


so yeah..that's what really makes me mad. I'm going to go now before I ramble way too much!


  1. Thats because those little girls on there are no nothings and think just because there is a fan base that that means it's a critical success. And can't grasp the concept of an actually substantial movie such as Benjamin Button or other Oscar nom'd films so they just ramble on about how much THEY loved so obviously the Academy should acknowledge it, which they did in an appropriate way by allowing Robert Pattinson to present at the show.

    That said I 100% love what you said on my post about you mom hugging and kissing the kids before bed, I think that's such an amazing thing to make your child feel important and not let them get mixed up in the everyday life of a big family. They still have their own identities.

  2. I TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY (I could go one for days on totally) HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE (could go on about that one to) Twilight. Period.

    And you were so right in that last post. How many of those people have ever ACTUALLY READ anything from the glorios F. Scott Fitzgerald. I say L.M. Montgomery and Jane Austen are my favorite AUTHORS (not writers. Authors) and I get a sea of blank looks. So annoying...