Friday, March 20, 2009

The constant sun

I was going to put a poem I wrote up here, but would much rather stay here in my bed before getting up. I set my alarm for 6 so I'd have time to get ready before we left to go to Mykonos and right now its a little after 5. Whatever, I've discovered recently that I am very nocturnal. I should do this in a list form.

1-I love it here. So much. Note the twitter updates one the right. I've been putting these up about 5 times a day. Its easier than blogging.
2-Its been 70 degrees and sunny everyday. No clouds in sight most of the time. Love.
3-The moon here is amazing. Actually, stunning would be the better word. Sad part is pictures don't capture it well enough.
4-The fact that typing this is really hard, because I've been thinking/talking in Greek.
5-I have a TAN. and freckles - which are still wierd to me that I've got them.
6-My cousin has fallen for Kate. Kate has fallen for my cousin. Neither can speak each other's language...leaving me to be their translator. Not fun....
7-Cliff exhilerating. Hiking to the cliff is not.
8-I have a blister from not being used to wearing flipflops...ouch.
9-I hate the fact that the US$ is shit in Europe.
10-I love the fact that right now, I'm looking out my window and can see the sun rising over Fira.
11-I really love how some things you'll never forget. Like the nice old lady at the fish market my uncles sell at....she was acient and is still sitting in the same spot selling squid when I was a little kid.
12-The fact that I can sit at my uncles with Kate and George and my other cousins and drink wine, as much as we want...and not get introuble.
13-I love the fact that donkeys are awesome.
14-I love how there's no cars, or very few cars here.
15-I love that I'm home. :) Do I have to go back to real life?

Picture TIME!!!!

This is the view from the ferry as you get to the island. :)

SUNSET...the outer islands. one has hotsprings and is an active volcano, the other is just a lump of land with people living there.


  1. Gorgeous girly!!!! So glad you're having such a fun time!!! :)

  2. You're so lucky Ally.
    And I realized I never got to help you pack!
    :( I'm so sorry. And I'm so sad. I miss you too.